Happier, healthier students

Designed for students to help take a proactive approach to their mental health and wellbeing.

What is Microbreak?

Microbreak is a software solution that promotes better mental and physical health. By utilising the concept of “Nudge Theory”, Microbreak prompts small managed breaks throughout the day to influence change proactively and encourage happier and healthier students.

Why Reccomend Microbreak

Why recommend Microbreak?

Microbreak takes a proactive approach to managing student health and wellbeing. Student motivation and engagement improves inline with well managed health and wellbeing. Therefore, addressing issues before they occur means Microbreak users are healthier, happier and less likely to be absent from classes.

A personalised approach

Each and every user will experience Microbreak differently, as the software encourages users to customise the program to suit their individual needs. Health and wellbeing needs can be targeted exclusively to encourage a holistic approach to users’ overall health.

A personalised approach

How it works

Microbreak targets the areas of health & wellbeing that are most effective to the individual users, ensuring every user gets an experience personal to them.

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